Monday September 17th

9.25 - 9.30.   Welcome and Introduction to the workshop

Jonathan Ashmore


    Session 1: Cochlear genetics and development


9.30 - 9.45 O1 Identification of microRNAs in the Developing  Cochlea and Vestibule

Lilach M. Friedman, Ginat Toren, Takunori Satoh, Ronna Hertzano, Martin Irmler, Johannes Beckers, Eran Hornstein, Donna M. Fekete, and Karen B. Avraham


9.45 -10.00: O2 Mosaic complementation of the shaker1 allele suggests a novel role for myosin VIIa in hair cell stereocilia

Agnieszka K. Rzadzinska and Karen P. Steel


10.00 -10.15 O3 Hair cell differentiation becomes tissue specific by E9.5 in mouse inner ear

Tatsunori Sakamoto, Juichi Ito and Raj Ladher


10.15 -10.30


O4 Calbindin and S100 protein expression  in the developing auditory system in mice.

Buckiova D. and Syka J


10.30 -10.45 O5 Characterization of a spontaneous recessive mutation arising in the mouse

Tecta gene: A model for DFNB21 hearing loss

Miguel Ángel Moreno-Pelayo, Richard J. Goodyear, Angeles Mencía, Silvia Modamio-Høybjør, Kevin Legan, Leticia Olavarrieta, Felipe Moreno, and Guy P Richardson


10.45 -11.15   BREAK


    Session 2 Hair cells 1: Motility


11.15 -11.30 O6 Outer hair cell somatic rather than hair bundle motility is the basis of the cochlear amplifier

Marcia Mellado Lagarde, Markus Drexl, Andrei N. Lukashkin and Ian J. Russell


11.30 -11.45 O7 Salicylate and chlorpromazine induce nanoscale curvature changes in the outer hair cell plasma membrane

Jennifer N. Greeson and Robert M. Raphael


11.45 -12.00


O8 Frequency Effect on Charge Transfer by Prestin: Insight from an Electro-Diffusion Model

Sean X. Sun, Matthew S. Chana, George Oster, William E. Brownell, and Alexander A. Spector


12.00 -12.15


O9 Prestin's state dependence of anion binding

Santos-Sacchi J and Song L


12.15 -13.30   LUNCH


    POSTER SESSION 1 (odd numbers) 13.30-14.30


    Session 3 Hair Cell Damage and Otoprotection


14.30 -14.45


O10 Mechanism of Age-Related Hearing Loss

Donald Henderson, Eric Bielefeld, Guang-di Chen and Wei Ping Yang


14.45 -15.00 O11 Otoprotection strategies against Cisplatin induced ototoxicity

Guiscardo Lorito, Pietro Giordano, Sathiyaseelan Theneshkumar, Alessandro Martini and Stavros Hatzopoulos


15.00 -15.15


O12 Styrene ototoxicity and its protection

Guang-Di Chen, Chiemi Tanaka,Weiping Yang and Donald Henderson


15.15 -15.30


O13 TNF-α exposure initiates apoptosis of auditory hair cells that can be prevented by dexamethasone: Mechanisms

Thomas R Van De Water, Scott Haake, Shibing Chen, Christine Dinh, Xiaoyun Nong, Adrien A Eshraghi, and Thomas J Balkany


15.30 -16.00




    Session 4 Hair Cell Damage and Otoprotection 2


16.00 -16.15 O14 BDNF protects against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exotoxin A -induced hearing loss

Adnan Lidian, Leif Nordang, Monika Stenkvist-Asplund, Birgita Linder and Matti Anniko


16.15 -16.30 O15 In the newborn rat cochlea, HSP70 is upregulated on a transcriptional and translational level during normoxic and hypoxic culture conditions

Agnieszka J. Szczepek, Johann Gross and Birgit Mazurek


16.30 -16.45


O16 Adenosine signalling in the cochlea: an emerging role in neuroprotection

SM Vlajkovic, CX Guo, R Gupta, GD Housley and PR Thorne


16.45 - 17.30   The EuroHear Lecture:

Regulation of cell division and patterning in the regenerating inner ear

Mark Warchol

 Tuesday September 18th

    Session 5  Cochlear mechanics


9.30 -9.45 O17 Longitudinal change in the role of organ of Corti mass in cochlear tuning

Ombeline de La Rochefoucauld and Elizabeth S. Olson


9.45 -10.00


O18 Negative damping of the cochlear non-linear mechanical responses

Andrei N. Lukashkin, Mark N. Walling and Ian J. Russell




O19 Combined electric and acoustic stimulation in the cochlea of the guinea pig

H. Christiaan Stronks, Huib Versnel, Vera F. Prijs and Sjaak F.L. Klis




O20 Nonlinearity and origin of the round window recorded cochlear microphonic potential

Alfred L. Nuttall, Jiefu Zheng, Yuan Zou, Fangyi Chen and Tianying Ren




O21 Aminoglycoside & Acoustic Ototoxicity in Meriones Unguiculatus

Nneka Eze and Elizabeth S Olson


10.45-11.15   BREAK


    Session 6 Cochlear homeostasis




O22 The dynamic characteristics of human organ of Corti homeostasis as inferred from post noise-burst OAE level fluctuations

David Kemp and Oliver Brill




O23 Unitary permeability of gap junctions channels expressed in HeLa cells

Victor H. Hernandez, Mario Bortolozzi, Saida Ortolano and Fabio Mammano




O24 Expression of Aquaporins and Vasopressin type 2 receptor in the lateral wall of the Cochlea and Inner Ear Fluid homeostasis

Takeda T, Nishioka R,  Kakigi A, Nishimura M, Okada T, Takeda S and Taguchi D




O25 Bridging the epithelial membrane barrier: Potassium spatial buffering by Kir4.1/AQP4

B. Hirt, C. Gleiser, A. Eckhard1, M. Müller, H. Wolburg and H. Löwenheim




O26 Coordinated control of Cx26 and Cx30 at the regulatory and functional level in the outer sulcus region

Saida Ortolano, Giovanni Di Pasquale, Giulia Crispino , Fabio Mammano, and John A. Chiorini


12.30-13.45   LUNCH


13.45-14.45   POSTERS 2 (even numbers)


    Session 7 Mitochondria


14:45 -15:00


O27 Normal outer hair cell function contrasts with impaired function of auditory neurons in Friedreich ataxia due to faulty mitochondria

Fabrice Giraudet, Alain Martelli, Hélène Puccio, Odile Boespflug-Tanguy, Thierry Mom and Paul Avan




O28 Use of fluorescent imaging techniques to assess mitochondrial function in cochlear explants and slices

Zoe F. Mann, Michael R. Duchen, Daniel J. Jagger and Jonathan E. Gale


15.15-15.30 O29 Stress-induced changes in mitochondrial peroxiredoxin in mouse cochlear hair cells

Fuquan Chen, Su-Hua Sha and Jochen Schacht


15.30-16.00   BREAK


    Session 8 Stem Cell Therapies




O30 Synapse formation between embryonic stem cell-derived neurons and auditory hair cells in vitro

Masahiro Matsumoto, Takayuki Nakagawa, Ken Kojima, Tatsunori Sakamoto and Juichi Ito


16.15-16.30 O31 Bone Marrow Derived Cells in Inner Ear Repair

Brian T Tan and Runsheng Ruan


16.30-16.45   IEB Business Meeting



19:00 - 22.30  

Conference Dinner 

The UnderGlobe,
Shakespeare Globe Theatre,
London SE1

Reception 19:00

Guided tours of the theatre 18:30 -19:00

Coaches leave for St Paul’s Cathedral at 17:30 from    Guilford Street.


Wednesday September 19th

    Session 9. Hair cells 2: Transducer and Synapse


9.30 -9.45


O33 Transducer Gating in the Drosophila Ear

Joerg T. Albert, Bjoern Nadrowski and Martin C. Goepfert


9.45 -10.00


O34 Defects In The Atp2b2 Gene Causing Hereditary Hearing And Balance Loss In Mice And Humans: A Functional Study Of Normal And Mutated PMCA2 Pumps

M. Bortolozzi, R. Ficarella, F. Di Leva, S. Ortolano, S.L. Spiden, A. Lelli, G.E. Shull, M. Brini, P. Gasparini, KP Steel, E. Carafoli and F. Mammano




O35 Calcium, Calmodulin-dependent Regulation of Inner Hair Cell Calcium Channels

Lisa Grant and Paul A. Fuchs




O36 Voltage-Gated Channels and Scaffolding Proteins Define Compartments in the Vestibular Calyx Ending

Anna Lysakowski, Sophie Gaboyard, Shilpa Chatlani, Steven D. Price, Ruth Anne Eatock and Jay M. Goldberg


10.30-11.00   BREAK


    Session 10  Synapse and Nerve




O37 HCN  Channels Shape the Time Course of Postsynaptic Potentials at the Inner Hair Cell Afferent Synapse

Eunyoung Yi and Elisabeth Glowatzki




O38 Instantaneous Rate vs Instantaneous Amplitude curves of Auditory Nerve Fibres are in close agreement with the transduction in the cilia of Inner Hair Cells.

J. Wiebe Horst, JoAnn McGee and Edward Walsh




O39 Tonotopic frequency mapping on the basilar membrane of the Chinchilla (Chinchilla laniger) measured by labelling auditory nerve fibres with HRP and biocytine

Jean Smolders, Silvi Hoidis and Marcus Müller




O40 Neural and receptor cochlear potentials in auditory neuropathy obtained by transtympanic electrocochleography (ECochG)

Rosamaria Santarelli, Arnold Starr, Henry J Michalewski and Edoardo Arslan


12:00   End of IEB 2007

Posters IEB 2007

 (Posters will be displayed on Monday and Tuesday from 9 am all day  with timetabled discussion as indicated in the programme. The order below does not reflect  the order in which the posters will be displayed. For poster assignments see listing of abstracts, and the index)

  Effects of defensins on frog semicircular canal: evidence of interaction between the immune and nervous systems.

Andrianov GN, Nozdrachev AD and Ryzhova IV



Interaction between Cochlear Cells and Bone Marrow Cells

Susumu Baba, Hiroshi Iwai, Shinryu Lee, Mariko Omae, Susumu Ikehara, Toshio Yamashita


  Evidence for K+ recycling in an organotypic model of mouse utricle.

S. Bartolami, M. Cavalier, Z. Ouaray and Ch. Chabbert


  Age-related changes in the cochlear nucleus of C57BL/6J mouse.

Maria Visitación Bartolome.


  Actin dynamics in avian sensory epithelia.

Jonathan Bird1,2, Nicolas Daudet2 & Jonathan Gale1,2.


  All-or-none delayed spike burst elicited by synaptic activation of unipolar brush cells in the vestibulo-cerebellum

Luisa Bottà, Sergio Masetto, Gianpiero Zucca and Egidio D’Angelo


  Effects of hypothyroidism and lack of thyroid hormone receptors alpha and beta on the expression of Cav1.3 and BK channels

Brandt N,1 Münkner S,1 Braig C,2 Winter H,2 Knipper M,2 Engel J1


  A comparison of the cochlear and vestibular effects of gentamicin and kanamycin/furosemide co-treatment in guinea pigs

H.G. Bremer, H. Versnel, J.C.M.J. de Groot, F.W.J. Albers, S.F.L. Klis



Comparison of GAD levels in the inferior colliculus and auditory cortex of two rat strains during aging

Burianová Jana, Ouda Ladislav, Profant Oliver, Syka Josef


  Expression of Histamine Receptors in the Mammal Vestibule

Sophie Gaboyard-Niay, Cécile Travo and Christian Chabbert


  Illuminating the dynamics of the Notch signalling pathway during inner ear development

Elena Chrysostomou and Nicolas Daudet


  Modulation of cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions during neuroblast migration

D. Davies and C. Nobes



Identifying Target Genes of the Hair Cell POU-Domain Transcription Factor Brn-3c

Emily Towers, Chrysostomos Tornari, Jonathan Gale and Sally Dawson


  Expression of glycine receptors and gephyrin in the rat cochlea

Julia Dlugaiczyk1, Wibke Singer3, Bernhard Schick1, Heinrich Iro1, Kristina Becker2, Cord-Michael Becker2, Marlies Knipper3



Src inhibition prevents the initial cochlear damage induced by cisplatin chemotherapy

Fetoni1 AR, Paludetti1 G, Hu2 BH, GD Chen2, Henderson2 D.



Role of Coenzyme Q10 and his hydrosoluble multicomposite, Coenzyme Q10 terclatrate, in protection against noise induced hearing loss.

Fetoni AR, Fiorita A, La Greca C, Rizzo D, Troiani1 D, Paludetti G.


  Hair cell loss in connexin 30 deficient mice is accompanied by anomalous epithelial repair  patterns.

Andrew Forge1, Regina Nickel1, Ruth Taylor1, Daniel Jagger1, Shoeb Ahmad2, Wenxue Tang2, Xi Lin2


  Three-dimensional organisation of cytoskeletal components in the sensory epithelia of the inner ear.

Andrew Forge1, Ruth Taylor1,


  A Subtractive Hybridization Strategy to Identify Barhl1 Target Genes in Sensory Hair Cells

Valentina Gburcik, Jonathan Gale and Sally Dawson



Scanning electron microscope imagining as a good supportive method in cisplatin induced ototoxicity.

Pietro Giordano, Sathiyaseelan Theneshkumar, Guiscardo Lorito, Alessandro Martini and Stavros Hatzopoulos.


  Effect of noise exposure on middle latency response amplitudes in rats.

Grécová J, Popelář J, Syka J


  Prevention of Accelerated Presbycusis by Maintenance of Systemic Immune Functions

Hiroshi Iwai, Susumu Baba, Shinryu Lee, Mariko Omae, Susumu Ikehara, Toshio Yamashita


  Connexin 30 trafficking to the plasma membrane via a Golgi-independent pathway

John Kelly, Regina Nickel, Andrew Forge, Daniel Jagger


  Effects of thyroid hormone deficiency on Ca2+ currents and exocytosis in cochlear inner hair cells

Stephanie Kuhn1, Claudia Braig2, Stefan Münkner1, Harald Winter2, Marlies Knipper2 and Jutta Engel1



ERK1/2 activation in support cells during hair cell damage is a common signalling mechanism that may contribute to hair cell death

Manuela Lahne and Jonathan Gale


  Association of HLA-DRB1*1101 allele with bilateral Meniere´s disease in mediterranean population

Jose A. Lopez-Escamez1, Herminio Perez-Garrigues 2 Jose R Vilchez2 , Andres Soto-Varela 3, Sofia Santos-Perez 3, , Ismael Aran 5, Miguel A. Lopez-Nevot2


  Development of a bioreactor system aiming at the in vitro culture of the functionally mature Organ of Corti

H. Arnold, A. Müller, M. Müller, H. Löwenheim


  AQP4 and Kir4.1 are colocalized in distinct supporting cell populations of the rat cochlea

A. Eckhard1,2, B. Hirt1,2, C. Gleiser1,2, M. Müller1, H. Löwenheim1


  Functional analysis of water flow in cochlea supporting cells

C. Gleiser1,2, B. Hirt1,2,A. Eckhard1, M. Müller1, H. Löwenheim


  Noise trauma in the guinea pig

M. Müller1, M. Tisch2, H. Maier2, B. Hirt1, H. Löwenheim1



Methodological study for isolation of stem cells from the spiral ganglion

S. Sandke, K. Aulwurm, J. Waldhaus, A. Gharabaghi, H. Löwenheim


  Nestin expression in the organ of Corti during embryonic and postnatal development

 J. Waldhaus1, H. Winter1, B. Hirt1,2, M. Müller1, H. Löwenheim1


  Dynamics of Fgf3 expression in the developing mouse inner ear

Androulla Economou, Stephanie Cadot and Mark Maconochie


  Effect of interference tones on DPOAE level/phase maps in rabbits

GK Martin,1,2 BB Stagner,1 T Fleck,3 PF Fahey,4 BL Lonsbury-Martin1,2



A computationally based large scale model of potassium flow in the cochlea

Pavel Mistrík1, Peter Saffrey1, Chris Mullaley1, Renato Nobili2, Fabio Mammano2 and Jonathan Ashmore1,3


  Upregulation of erythropoietin and erythropoietin receptor mRNA in organ of Corti, modiolus and stria vascularis of newborn rats

Mazurek B, Haupt H, Amarjargal N, Machulik A, Moller R, Ungethüm1 U, Kuban1 RJ, Szczepek, AJ, Gross J


  The role of prestin and the tectorial membrane in the generation of electrically evoked otoacoustic emissions in mice.

Markus Drexl1,2, Marcia Mellado Lagarde1, Jian Zuo3, and Ian J. Russell1


  Number, Design and Function of Hair Cell Synapses along the Tonotopic Axis of the Cochlea
Alexander C. Meyer1, Darina Khimich1, Alexander Egner2, Youri Yarine3, Tobias Moser1



Ionic currents through Cav1.3 Ca2+ channels in mature mouse inner hair cells under mobile phone field exposure

S. Münkner1, A. El Ouardi2, J. Streckert2, R. Vonthein3, V. Hansen2, J. Engel1


  Differential modulation of Cav1.3 Ca2+ channels by Ca2+ binding proteins and significance for auditory hair cell function

Guiying Cui1*, Alexander Meyer2*, Irina Calin-Jageman1, Jakob Neef2, Françoise Haeseleer3, Tobias Moser2, and Amy Lee1



Rama Panford-Walsh1, Wibke Singer1, Lukas Rüttiger1, Hyun-Soon Geisler1, Ulrike Zimmermann1, Iris Köpschall1, Karin Rohbock1, Elmar Oestreicher2, Helen Haas1 and Marlies Knipper1



Expression patterns of erythropoietin and erythropoietin receptor in the spiral ganglion of guinea pig after noise exposure

Jae Yong Park, MD, Dong-Hyun Kim, MD,  Ah Young Kim, MD, and Yong Ho Park, MD, PhD



Expression patterns of KCNJ10 K+ channel in the cochlear lateral wall after acoustic trauma

Yong Ho Park, MD, PhD, Jae Yong Park, MD, and Ah Young Kim, MD



Presence and Characteristics of Spontaneous Otoacoustic Emissions in Children and adolescents

Pelánová J 1,2, Groh D 1,2, Popelář J 1, Kabelka Z 2, Syka J 1.


  Mitotracker staining of mitochondria in outer hair cells of the guinea pig cochlea

Jim Pickles, Hema Indrasamy


  Mouse pharmacological models of sensorineural hearing loss.

Poirrier AL, Kim TS, Vandenbosch R, Nguyen L, Lefebvre PP, Malgrange B.


  Prestin self-association, lateral mobility and membrane cholesterol

Louise E. Organ, Jennifer N. Greeson, and Robert M. Raphael


  Computational Model of Ion Transport in the Stria Vascularis

Imran Quraishi and Robert M. Raphael


  Targeted Disruption of Otoa with EGFP demonstrates otoancorin is required for adhesion of the tectorial membrane to the spiral limbus.

P. Kevin Legan1, Lindsey Welstead1, Richard J. Goodyear1, Christine Petit2 and Guy P. Richardson1


  Studying the distribution of inositol phospholipids in sensory hair cells with EGFP-tagged reporter constructs

Gowri D. Nayak, Richard J. Goodyear and Guy P. Richardson


  NO-cGMP pathway and hearing loss

Lukas Rüttiger, Robert Feil*, Susanne Feil* and Marlies Knipper


  Age-related changes in THE rat auditory system

Natalia Rybalko, Jana Pelanová, Stanislava Hamsová, Josef Syka


  Which interstereocilial links can be found in disorganized hair bundles of cadherin 23 mutants?

Agnieszka K. Rzadzinska, Karen P. Steel


rtensia Sanchez-Calderon1,2, Lourdes Rodriguez de la     Rosa1, Marta Milo2 Jose R. Pichel3, Matthew Holley2 and Isabel Varela-Nieto1


  Noise stress in a Otoprotective strategy against Cisplatin induced Ototoxicity

Sathiyaseelan Theneshkumar,  Stavros Hatzopoulos, Guiscardo Lorito, Pietro Giordano, Sara Magosso , Lucia Bertolaso,  Alessandro Martini.



Relationship between Accelerated Presbycusis and Immunosenescence

Shinryu Lee, Hiroshi Iwai, Susumu Baba,  Mariko Omae, Susumu Ikehara, Toshio Yamashita


  Identification of markers for pathological neuronal plasticity changes in the auditory system

Singer W, Rüttiger L, Panford-Walsh R, Reinbothe T, Rohbock K, Knipper M


  Expression and immunolocalization of aquaporin-6 (Aqp6) in the rat inner ear

Daizo Taguchia, Taizo Takedab, Akinobu Kakigib, Teruhiko Okadac, Rie Nishiokab, Hiroya Kitanod


  Effects of Aging on Inner Ear Morphology in Dogs Related to Brainstem Responses to Pure-Tone Auditory Stimuli

G. ter Haar1, J.C.M.J. de Groot2, A.J. Venker-van Haagen1, W.E. van den Brom1, F.J. van Sluijs1 and G.F. Smoorenburg2



An atypical cell during development of the auditory organ : the inner pillar cell.

Nicolas Thelen, Brigitte Malgrange and Marc Thiry


  Delivery of brain-derived neurotrophic factor to the guinea pig cochlea using Gelfoam

Versnel H, Sedee RJ, Agterberg MJH, De Groot JCMJ, Albers FWJ, Klis SFL


  Speech-in-noise intelligibility does not correlate with efferent olivocochlear reflex in humans with normal hearing

Wolfgang Wagner, Kathrin Frey, Guido Heppelmann


  Different appearance of apoptosis caused by platinum-derived anti-cancer drugs in the vestibule of guinea pig

Ken-ichi Watanabe, Shuta Inai, Ken-Jinnnoiuchi, Hess Alexander, Olaf Michel, Toshiaki Yagi 


  Expression of osmotically responsive cationic channel TRPV4 in the endolymphatic sac

H. Kumagami, M. Terakado, Y. Saino, A. Baba, D. Fujiyama, K. Takasaki, H. Takahashi


  Human Cytomegalovirus and Factors Involved in Neurogenesis

Jane C. Murphy and John H. Sinclair


  Role of Ca2+ binding proteins in hair cell presynaptic function

Tina Pangršič1, Nicola Strenzke1,2, Beat Schwaller3, Tobias Moser1


  Region-specific transcriptional expression of neurotrophin-family genes in the cochlea of newborn rat

Gross J, Szczepek, AJ, Amarjargal N, Machulik A, Fuchs J, Ungethüm1 U, Kuban1 RJ, Haupt H, Mazurek B




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