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For the third time in 2006, after the successful meetings of 1981 and 1994, Montpellier has the privilege of organizing the IEB, the foremost annual European conference in the field: Sept. 17-20th.

In the last decade, remarkable advances have been made in the understanding of inner ear biology and enormous strides have been taken towards translating these findings into treatments for a range of inner ear diseases. We aim to reflect the new dialogue that exists between fundamental and applied research, by complementing the usual scientific programme with an opening day focused on clinical aspects of inner ear research: a Symposium on hearing rehabilitation and innovative inner ear therapies, organised in conjunction with the European Association of Otology and Neuro-Otology (EAONO).

General Programme

1) Sunday September 17th: SYMPOSIUM "Hearing rehabilitation and innovative therapy" This Symposium with invited speakers only is open to all participants (no admission fee)
2) Monday September 18th to Wednesday 20th (noon): IEB WORKSHOP.

More about the IEB Worshop

1. This year, the Spoendlin Junior Award will be given Tuesday September 19 to the best poster presented by a young researcher after being selected by an international Jury.

2. This year IEB Guest of Honor will be Prof. Brian Johnstone (formerly in Perth, Australia), one of the "fathers" of the modern physiology of the cochlea and a strong follower of IEB workshops in the past.