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Satellite Symposium: "Hearing Rehabilitation and Innovative Inner Ear Therapy"

Sunday Sept 17th


8:30 Opening/Welcome (J-L. Puel, R. Pujol and official representatives for University Montpellier 1, INSERM, Montpellier-Agglomération and Région Languedoc-Roussillon)

8:45 Session 1: Hearing Rehabilitation
- Moderators: J. Magnan, M. Mondain

8:45 L. Collet: Hearing Aids and Brain Plasticity
9:10 J. Chalupper: New Developments in Hearing Aid Technology
9:30 P. Lefebvre: Implantable Middle Ear Devices
10:00 A. Uziel: New trends in cochlear implantation

10:25 Coffee break

11:00 Session 2 : Pharmacology - Moderators: P. Gil-Loyzaga, R. Pujol

11:00 D. Bertrand: From brain molecular pharmacology to clinical applications
11:30 J-L. Puel: Local therapy of tinnitus and hearing loss
11:55 T. Van de Water: Mechanisms of Auditory Hair Cell Death in Response to Oxidative Stress Initiated Damage and Otoprotective Strategies to Preserve Hearing
12:20 R. Salvi: Gene expression in cisplatin ototoxicity and protection with p53 inhibitor

12:45 Lunch

14:30 Session 3: Cell and Gene therapy - Moderators: N. Trigueiros-Cunha, A. Uziel

14:30 A. Ryan: Cellular therapy for inner ear disorders
14:55 B. Malgrange: Strategies to regenerate hair cells identification and differentiation of progenitors
15:20 M. Rivolta: Developing stem cell-based therapies for deafness: Isolation and differentiation of human fetal auditory stem cells (hFASCs)
15:45 G. Richardson: Probing the structure and function of the tectorial membrane in tectorin mutant mice

16:10 Coffee Break

16:40 Session 4: Gene therapy (continued) - Moderators: A. Martini, J-L Puel

16:40 Y. Raphael: Reactivation of developmental signalling for therapy in mature inner ears
17:05 C. Petit: Human hereditary deafness: from genes to the underlying pathogenic processes

17:30 Closing lecture - Moderator: R. Pujol

17:30 E. Rubel: The new era of hearing habilitation

18:00 End of Symposium