Hands-on Human Temporal-Bone Preparation and Cochlea Implant

Post Congress Tour into the Inner Ear

Hearing research is primarily based on results from animal studies. However, the applications of hearing research refer mainly to the human hearing organ.

The course provides a translation of morphological knowledge about the temporal bone of animal models to human anatomy and will target the surgical application of cochlea implantation:

  • We will compare the rodent anatomy of the temporal bone with the human anatomy (Lecture, 30 min.)
  • We will observe a surgeon performing cochlear implantation in a human cadaver and we will take the chance to ask questions during the procedure (Interactive live transmission, 60 min.)
  • We will perform a hands-on human temporal-bone preparation with cochlear implantation (Dissection course in groups, 120 min.)
  • We will have a general discussion, summarizing and extending what we have learnt        (30 min.)

The course is designed for scientists in the field of hearing research. The lecture as well as the transmission of the live surgery of cochlear implantation will be open for the public.  The hands-on preperation is limited to 30 persons, with preference given to colleagues without prior practical experience of the human temporal bone.

As of 26 July, the hands-on part of the course is fully booked.
However, you are most welcome to attend the other components of the course; namely, the Lecture and the Interactive live transmission, as well as the General discussion at the end.

Pre-registration is required. The course is gratis.

Dr. med. Bernhard Hirt
Head of Clinical Macroscopic Anatomy
Institute of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine
University of Tübingen
Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 8
72076 Tübingen



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