Oral Presentations and Posters

Oral Presentations

Time allotted to speakers is 12 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for discussion. Speakers should contact the Slide Centre to hand in their presentations for uploading at least one hour before the beginning of the session or in the late afternoon of the day before, in case of early morning presentation.


Posters should remain posted for the entire length of the meeting. Authors should be at their posters during poster presentation time. There will be organized on-site poster discussions. Poster board dimensions: 140 cm wide, 95 cm high.

Guidelines for preparing oral presentations

Time Allotment

To ensure the smooth running of the entire programm, all speakers are encouraged to adhere to their allocated speaking time. The chair persons of the sessions are urged to consider the time management.  

Submission of Presentation

Please use PowerPoint and PDF presentations exclusively. Required hardware and software will be available. The use of Macintosh or Open Office formats as well as the use of a personal laptop for a presentation is not planned, but possible. For video and audio files please submit AVI, WMV and MPG files only as a separate file. Please make sure that any required CODEC files for any videos are also submitted. Your presentation and any additional files should be submitted at least two hours before your presentation time. Please note: If you use a USB stick to save your files, do not protect it with software.  You may check and edit, if necessary, your presentation during the congress.  The projection data of your presentations before and during the whole congress will be recorded and managed centrally. There is a notebook with MS PowerPoint 2007 and 2010; and a video projector in the venue.

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